[BRING GREEN] Carrot Vita Dark Spot Serum 45ml

$25.90 $31.00

Clear skin as if born with intensive care for whitening & blemishes]
Carrot Vita Blemish Serum

1. Brighten without spots with whitening active ingredients
Prescribes 7.5% of whitening active ingredients and brightening ingredients to effectively improve blemishes and blemishes and brighten dull skin.

2. Filled with vitamin C, moisturize the skin tone
Carrot vitamin complex rich in vitamin C and 72% carrot water make skin texture smooth and moist

3. A gentle prescription that reduces skin burden, a genuine serum
It contains pinkish vitamin B12 (cyanocoamine) and is designed with mild ingredients to reduce worries and burdens.

Experience the amazing whitening effect starting from 2 weeks with Carrot Vita Blemish Serum.

blemishes, blemishes, freckles care

skin texture care
refreshing hydration

[How to use]
Every morning and evening, at the next step of toner, take an appropriate amount of the contents and spread it gently along the skin texture, then tap lightly for absorption

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