[Ciracle] Super Moisture Rx Cream 80ml

$26.50 $31.00

Plant-based ingredients and natural moisture - Super Moisture Rx Cream
Restores healthy natural shine to your dry skin. It maintains the moisture all day, and revitalizes the tired-looking skin.
Moisture is filled from deep inside the pores, repairing tired and aged skin.
Aminolex, patented compound with amino acid complex
Amino acid complex is mixed with plant-based extracts to moisturize the skin to the fullest.
Light, gel-typ cream is absorbed quickly, and can be used on any skin type.
Without oil, it makes your skin soft and moisturized without feeling heavy.
Cover your dry skin with shower of amino energy
Prevents moisture loss all day, leaves refreshing finish, and oil-free.

Apply moderate amount to face after applying toner and lotion.
Gently massage until completely absorbed.

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