[CORINGCO] Shabam Shabam Romantic Glitter (3 Colors) 3g

$16.00 $20.00

1. Unique Sparkling Glitter : Mix five-colored pearls with different pearl sizes in a transparent gel base. For exclusively shiny eyes from any angle.
2. Slim Application : Thin and elastic applicator brush minimizes eye irritation and is easy use by ensuring application of glitter, layer by layer. Ultra-fine brush makes adjusting the amount of cosmetics easy, for neat application even for beginners. Apply only to the desired area neatly without caking on the underline or the eyelids.
3. Quick Fixing Around The Eyes : The transparent gel base is equipped with a film coating system to enhance adhesion and durability. Experience less powdery glitter!

#01 Tears Light : Like teary-eyed. For a delicate image with shining eyes. Pink-based white pearl with added glitter.
#02 Lake's Light : Rendezvous of gold and emerald. For a special and extravagant image. Gold-based yellow with greenish fine pearl glitter.
#03 Evening Sun Light : For a luxurious image reminiscent of sunset. Glitter with crimson-based orange pearl.

Each person may have different effects.
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