[dasique] Shadow Palette #09 Sweet Cereal

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Cereal PEARL lett with sweet sugar topping on a fragrant grain base.

1. Satin Matte
- It is an airy matte formula with satin-like pearls added to fine-grained powder, and it blurs softly like cashmere to create a subdued and calm eye area.

2. Shimmer Eyes
- It creates bright eyes with a soft, non-excessive pearly feel and smooth adhesion without dusting or clumping.

3. Glitter Shower
- Thin and transparent glitter creates a clear Vaseline glow without being stuffy.

4. Glitter Bomb
- A variety of colorful glitter pearls create a dazzling make-up.

[How to use]
Honey almond and berry topping color is a special formulation called glitter balm. Take an appropriate amount on the tip of your finger and apply it to the eye area as if tapping it to create a more radiant makeup.

Each person may have different effects.
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