[Dr.Jart+] Ceramidin Body Butter 200ml

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Closely fitting moisturizing! Soft and deep high-enriched body moisturizing

Ultra Rich Moisture! Deeply penetrating Body Moisture : Quench your 365 days of Dryness! This ultra-rich body butter infused with high-concentrated Cera Moisture instantly melts into the skin and deeply nourishes it. Stay soft and silky all day long with Ceramidin Body Butter.

The perfect fit for your body, 5-layer Ceramide : Dr.Jart's 5-layer Multi Cera takes professional care of your body moisture by combining 5 ceramic complexes optimized to body skin texture.

Intensive Moisture Care with Shea Butter : Shea Butter helps the skin to stay smooth and soft.

OK for sensitive skin! : Tested and proven gentle and effective on sensitive skin.

The rich texture melts on skin temperature and sinks into the skin, leaving it smooth and soft all day long.

Apply on towel-dried skin after shower or bath and massage in softly. Especially massage rough, dry areas.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Anne C.

Esta es la manteca corporal más hidratante. Admito que me salto la loción, mucho, más de lo que debería. Esta manteca corporal tiene un precio perfecto y siento un poco de autocuidado cuando la uso. Reaviva mi piel seca inmediatamente. ¡Definitivamente vale la pena el precio!

J S.

This is the most moisturizing body butter. I admit I skip lotion, a lot, more than I should. This body butter is priced perfectly and I feel every bit of self care when I use it. It revives my dry skin immediately. Definitely worth the price!