[Heynature] ERSEONGCHO Toner 150ml

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Rich in Erseongcho, this toner is a superb treatment for dry, sensitive acne skin types prone to redness, flaking, breakouts and irritation.
With years of research on Erseongcho, Heynature¡¯s Erseungcho series is developed with an advanced formula that perfectly combines the benefits of botanical ingredients like Erseongcho (Houttuynia cordata) extract to help repair skin from within and restore your most beautiful natural skin.

[How to use]
Hold bottle about 15mm away from skin and spray 1 to 2 times directly.
Concentrating on each area of the skin, repeat this step to cover the entire face.
Pat face lightly to allow product to be completely absorbed into skin.
Alternatively, soak cotton pads with toner.
Apply soaked pads directly onto face and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before removing them.

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Received the toner in good condition! Bought this toner to try becuz a korean YouTuber recommended it to be good for sensitive and pimple prone skin. Hopefully it works!