[ISOI] Acni Dr. 1st Speedy Spot Pad 100g 60 Pads

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Isoi emergency spot recognized by all skin emergencyers
Finally a pad! Just apply it to the forehead, cheeks, and chin trouble zones!
Quick soothing is intact, easy to use.

It generously contains precious ingredients from the East and the West that are good for emergency relief.
Emergency care is like isoi!
A gentle, natural ingredient recipe takes care of troubled areas quickly.

Now you need an emergency spot pad!
# Tired of repeated _skin concerns
# Even if it is a straw, I want to hold it _ skin emergency
# Skin first aid _ Is there no dedicated pad?
# Mask Zone_Skin Concerns
# Skin troubles _ Homestead

[How to use]
First-aid pack for skin first-aid + wiping pad, double-sided use double pad.
First Aid Pack (Cotton Pad Cotton)
- Apply to the area that needs intensive care for about 3 minutes and feel the soothing effect.
Wiping pad (convex pad side)
- Finish by wiping the entire face evenly in the direction of skin texture.

- When you need quick soothing before makeup, put it on the troubled area and wipe it off to complete the skin that eats makeup well.

Each person may have different effects.
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