[ISOI] Intensive Lifting Serum 35ml

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When the cheeks look sagging, or when the pillow marks remain for a long time, use the Core Elasticity Serum.

Build, fill! When the core elasticity is restored, the ball elasticity is restored.
When the cheeks sag, the nasolabial folds deepen and the chin line loses its smoothness. Core elasticity from 20s! Please manage in advance.

[Vogue] 100 people from the review team say that the core elasticity serum “It feels like it is absorbed as soon as you apply it”

Set up with 11 ingredients for core elasticity! fill up! Wrinkle improvement functional ingredient adenosine, elastic peptide ingredient SYN-COLL, 9 kinds of plant energy complex
Naturo 9 Anti-Wrinkle Complex!

The functional serum is, after all, isoi! No. 1 spot for elasticity + whitening at once for 9 years* As a blemish serum! Double functional serum brightens and firm skin!

Secret of Serum Effect Liquid Diamond Bulgarian Rose Oil Extracted only 1g from 3,000 roses! It is incomparably more expensive than secondary and tertiary oils, but you can never give up because the difference in effectiveness is so great.

Now you need a core elasticity serum!
- If your cheeks start to sag and you are worried about the nasolabial folds
- If facial wrinkles and pillow marks remain for a long time
- If you are looking for an elastic functional product that does not cause skin irritation
- If you are looking for a non-sticky daily elastic care product

[How to use]
After preparing the skin texture with toner, take an appropriate amount at the essence stage and apply evenly over the face and neck.

Each person may have different effects.
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