[Lador] Dermatical Active Ampoule 30ml x 6EA

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Soothing scalp+Alleviation of hair loss symptoms+Damaged hair care

Like the skin, the scalp needs daily nutrition.Scalp and hair health as important as skin, intensive care for weakened scalp and hair by supplying insufficient nutrition to the scalp and hair

Easily applied to the scalp with an easy volume control opening. It is easy to apply meticulously to every corner of the scalp with a narrow opening ampoule, and it fills the dried scalp and hair with moisture to keep it soft and elastic.

When the transparent ampoule touches water, it turns into a creamy formulation. A formulation that turns into a cream form after applying the ampoule to wet hair and massaging it.
Easy and quick care for scalp and damaged hair at the same time as it does not run down

[Recommended people]
1. Those who have thin, powerless, droopy hair
2. Those who have thinning hair due to poor care habits
3. Those who lose a lot of hair per day
4. Those with itchy scalp and a lot of dandruff

[How to Use]
1. After shampooing, apply the ampoule meticulously at whole scalp when the hair is wet.
2. After application, massage the scalp with your fingertips so that the ampoule's nutrients are sufficiently absorbed. After massaging, rinse the scalp and hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Notice :
If white precipitates or turns white in the ampoule, the protein will coagulate and appear as a white lump when stored in winter or in a cold place.
When stored at room temperature for more than 10 minutes, it becomes liquid again.

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