[Mamonde] Pang Pang Hair Shadow 3.5g (3 Colors)

$19.00 $22.43

  • Hair shadow that cleans up uneven hairlines just by tapping (the sound expressed as “pang pang” in Korean) for a more youthful look
  • Turn that “M” hairline into a “U” hairline!  Create a younger looking hairline
    • Create a more youthful look by cleaning up an uneven hairline or filling in the area where the hair is sparse
  • Unnoticeable for all hairlines! Natural colors
    • Colors made to look natural for all hair colors. Contains rosehip fruit oil extract for a more rejuvenated look
  • Petite size, convenient  Pang Pang!
    • Use the cushiony “Pang Pang Puff” to apply. A convenient application method for all


Each person may have different effects.
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