[me.factory] 3 Step Premium Piggy Nose Strip 1BOX 3EA

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Bigger and more powerful 3Step Black Pig Nose Pack

The generous essence of step 1 soaks up the sebum sufficiently, so it is removed without water.
Tip: Do not wipe off the essence remaining on the nose after using the first step.
It is more effective when used with water on the skin.

Wider black oversized seat
- With a wide black sheet attached from the nose to the cheeks, it is possible to remove sebum from the tip of the nose and the butterfly zone, which are difficult to pull out.

Conquer even the last remaining sebum with more certainty
- In the form of a wiping cooling peeling pad, it takes care of the remaining sebum and makes the skin texture moist and elastic.

[How to use]
Step 1
- After washing your face, attach the first step sheet and remove the weight for 5 minutes.
(Do not wipe the nose so that there is enough essence on the nose)
Step 2
- On the nose wet with essence, apply the 2nd step sheet to the nose and butterfly zone and press. After 10 to 15 minutes, when the sheet is completely dry, slowly peel it off from the edge.
Step 3
- Use the peeling pad to wipe away the blackheads left on the nose and butterfly zone and calm the pores.

Each person may have different effects.
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