[MediFlower] Green Tangerine Ampoule 50ml

$17.50 $22.00


  • This ampoule formulated with Tangerine extract to revitalize your dull, flaky skin and 4 kinds of Probiotics to strengthen your skin barrier.
  • Its rich in vitamin formula with a Hyaluronic acid base for a radiant-looking, plumped complexion.
  • Stay moisturizing for a long time and helps brightening your dull skin.
  • Contains Adenosine which helps nourish and restore the elasticity of skin.

  • [HOW TO USE]

    1. Dispense 2 to 3 drops of product and apply it over face and neck.
    2. Spread evenly and pat gently for absorption.

    Each person may have different effects.
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