[One-day's you] P.Z. Ssoc Ssoc No More Blackhead 100ml

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A nose pack that dissolves sebum, not an irritating product that expands ordinary pores Patented ingredients such as natural compounds and herbal extracts, care products that dissolve blackheads without irritation
Care about twice a week on areas with high sebum, such as the chin, leads to a smooth and clean skin
In general nose packs, the pores from which sebum has been removed widen and sebum is generated again, but 'One Days You Sebum Clean No More Blackhead' does not expand the pores, so that sebum dissolves naturally and comes out to the surface This pack is effective for pore care.

[How to use]
Soak the sebum in the cotton pad with the T-zone or the sebum-rich area for about 15-20 minutes and moisten the sebum to prevent the cotton from drying out.
After time passes, remove the sebum from the pores with a cotton swab and rinse with lukewarm water.

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