[rom&nd] Juicy Lasting Tint #Bare Juicy Series (4 Colors) 5.5g

$19.00 $45.00

Bare-skin colors inspired by early spring sunshine
A candy-coated gloss that intensifies over time
Clear and syrupy finish with rich juicy colors

#22 POMELO SKIN : Not-too-white-beige shade that fits warm undertones
#23 NUCADAMIA : Moody but light nude-red-brown shade
#24 PEELING ANGDOO : Clear red with a hint of white
#25 BARE GRAPE : Clear pink with a bunch of beige for cool undertones

Using the tip to apply softly from the inside part of your lips.
Apply a suitable amount then pressing your lips together 2 – 3 times.

Each person may have different effects.
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