[rom&nd] Zero Velvet Tint #Vintage Filter Series (4 Colors) 5.5g

$18.50 $21.86

Matte and velvety finish with light and airy texture
Four new shades with vintage moods
#Bludging_Tint = Blurring + Smudging

  • #22 GRAIN NUDE : Nude-beige shade that blends naturally with the skin tone
  • #23 VINTAGE TAUPE : Mocha-MLBB shade for daily moody-makeup
  • #24 FADE RED : faded red shade that brightens complexion
  • #25 NERD PINK : Moody pink shade for healthy complexion

Using the tip to apply gently from the inside part of your lips.
Apply a desirable amount on your lips.
Let it smudge at the edge of the lips for smudging look.

Each person may have different effects.
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