[Secret Key] Telling U CC Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ 30ml

$12.50 $20.00

Level of SPF50, PA+++ sun block degree helps to block daily UV A and UV B doubly to prevent damage of skin against storing UV rays.
You can use it simply at the makeup stage without extra sunscreen product.
All in one cream that takes care of inside and outside of skin texture to have both skin care and makeup effect simultaneously.
Contains functional ingredients, whitening (Arbutin) & wrinkle repair (Adenosine).
High quality skin care that complex ingredients with 7 kinds of extracts which are good for moisture permeate into skin instantly to meet moisture balance of dry skin, as well as certified functional ingredients on whitening and wrinkle repair by Korean Food and Drugs
Administration for aging care.

1. After your skin care, pour a bean-sized amount of CC cream.
2. Put a moderate amount to the back of hands and offer rolling to meet the color.
3. Apply to desired areas according to skin texture gently.
4. Now you have smooth, moisturizing and illuminating base without blemish!

Each person may have different effects.
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