[the SAEM] Derma Plan Balancing Moisturizer 130ml

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Balancing moisturizer enriched with Betaine adjusts skin oil-moisture balance and deeply hydrates sensitive, dry skin to restore dewy, supple skin with healthy condition.

Vitamin B12 and Rose Callus Culture Extract alleviate skin irritation and help strengthen damaged skin barrier.

Derma Max Formula™ blended from 7 kinds of rigidly selected plant extracts offers mild solution for skin imbalance which causes sensitive skin, restoring healthy skin with comfort.

Skin-resembling fine emulsifying particles promotes rapid delivery of active ingredients deep into skin for rich moisturization.

4 clinical tests completed : Skin Damage Prevention Test, Skin Allergy Test (RIPT, Repeated Insult Patch Test), Sensitive Skin Irritation Test, Skin Stability Test

Apply a proper amount to face along the skin texture and gently dap for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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