[the SAEM] Urban Eco Harakeke Deep Moisture Toner 150ml

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VEGAN FACE TONER WITH DEEP HYDRATING INGREDIENTS : The Saem facial toner contains Harakeke Root Extract, New Zealand Black Current Extract, Calendula Flower Extract, and Ceramide. This vegan toner helps retain water along the skin crevices to give you softer and hydrated skin. This face toner strengthens the skin barrier and protects from UV rays and pollutants.

STRENGTHENS MOISTURE & DEFENSE BARRIER : Our toner with Harakeke Root Extract offers more moisturization than aloe. It helps renew the skin cells and strengthen the moisture and defense barrier. This hydrating face toner for extremely dry and sensitive skin moisturizes and keeps the skin soft and dewy.

NOURISHING CERAMIDE AND PLANT SEED OIL : Grapeseed oil and black current oil offers exceptional nourishment while ceramide strengthens skin’s natural barrier function. Combined with rich seed oil, the Phytosphingosine enhances the synthesis of ceramide, which plays a critical role in keeping a healthy skin barrier.

ULTRA HYDRATING ESSENCE FORMULA : Immediately delivers rich moisture to dehydrated skin, while giving softer and smoother texture. It offers rich moisture that instantly wraps your skin in silkiness.

Apply an appropriate amount to the skin, pat gently would ease better absorption. The cloudy formula offers rich moisture that instantly wraps your skin in silkiness.

Each person may have different effects.
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