[WELLAGE] Real Hyaluronic Milk Peel Toner 300ml

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Daily hydrating and micro-exfoliating toner with PHA, AHA, and 100% pure hyaluronic acid identical with that in the human body.

Real Hyaluronic Milk Peel Toner contains both AHA (citric acid) and PHA (bacillus ferment) for simultaneous exfoliation and moisturizing.

Unlike hyaluronic acid commonly used in cosmetics through only two rounds of refinement process, WELLAGE hyaluronic acid is 100% pure as it gets refined through three rounds of process.

pH-balanced mild toner for sensitive skin that is fragile to smallest irritation. Hyaluronic Milk Peel Toner features a pH-balanced formula that has a similar acidity with human skin to be relaxing even for sensitive skin.

Intensive exfoliating care : After cleansing, gently wipe along the skin using a cotton pad.
Intensive moisturizing care : After cleansing, take an adequate amount and gently apply along the skin texture.

Each person may have different effects.
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