[2aN] Dew Glowy Tint (10 Colors)

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  • TAILORED ELEGANCE, EVERY DAY. Big fan of the Soft Girl Makeup Trend? This 2aN Dive-In Collection Lip Stains perfectly matches your personal palette! Its delicate tones, kissed with dew, exude a subtle and captivating charm that enhances your unique style, seamlessly blending into any occasion effortlessly.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & NON-STICKY. Offering a non-sticky and lightweight watery texture, this moisturizing lip gloss features a buildable formula that creates a gentle and smooth application, leaving your lips feeling irresistibly moisturized akin to applying a luxurious serum.

  • PRECISION PERFECTED. No worries about clumping or uneven coverage! 2aN Lip Makeup features an expertly designed angled doe-foot applicator for thin, even adhesion. This allows you to achieve perfect coverage with smooth, captivating color without the hassle of clumps or inconsistencies.

01 GOAT: Pure and vivid apple red
02 Roseful: Rose pink color with two drops of red
03 Stunning: Clear and clean water peach pink
04 Muah: Soft pink with a drop of neutral brown
05 Nutty: Transparent and light peach beige
06 Delish: Transparent and vibrant peach coral
07 Envy: Soft beige pink with a drop of mauve
08 Muse: Deep neatness, real cherry red
09 Melrose: Subtle cool rose pink
10 Bittersweet: Moody caramel brown color


Take an appropriate amount and gently apply it to your lips.
Apply lightly again for a thicker glow.

Each person may have different effects.
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