[APRILSKIN] Artemisia Rice Essence Toner 200ml

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Intensely hydrating, low pH (5.5) vegan moisturizer for calm, bouncy, and healthy skin. 80% of skin-healing artemisia and 10,000 ppm of rice bran water soothe and quench dry, dehydrated skin.

• 80% of Artemisia water : soothes sensitive skin.
• 10,000 ppm of rice bran water : brightens complexion and provides skin-nourishing properties.
• 4 types of hyaluronic acids : hydrate every single layer of the skin.
• Alcohol-free : Alcohol-free formula keeps skin feeling supple, relieved, and comfortable.

1. Wet a cotton pad with the toner and gently swipe across your face
2. To apply an extra layer for longer lasting hydration, put a few drops of toner into the palms and press them gently into your face. april skin

1. Use with 3-layer Cotton Pads. Soak the cotton pads generously with toner.
2. Separate the cotton pads into 3 layers. Place two sheets on each side of the cheeks and one on the forehead. Relax for 3 minutes, then remove.
3. Use a spray bottle and mist your face whenever your need a hydration boost.

Each person may have different effects.
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Nicol Hutting

Nicely bubbled wrapped and came with samples in an envelope