[APRILSKIN] Signature Soap Black 100g

$23.50 $28.00

A deep cleansing soap bar with luscious lather that clears away oily gunks on skin and unclogs the pores. Not just your face, you can also use it on your body (back, chest, anywhere!) or wherever you feel needs deep cleansing!

Charcoal Powder : Korean women have used charcoal for centuries as a staple in their skincare regimen. This purifying charcoal soap bar deep-cleans pores to draw out accumulated dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil without overdrying. The fine, porous properties of charcoal binds to toxins stuck deep in pores and sweeps it away in luscious lather leaving skin visibly clog-free, pore-less, and refreshingly radiant!

Lather up and gently massage face (use on body too!). Rinse off. april skin

Each person may have different effects.
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