[Ariul] 7 Days Cica B5 Calming Pads 100EA

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  • To deliver comfort to the skin, the combination of soothing cicaine
  • extract and barrier-enhancing panthenol is 190,000 ppm to deliver comfort to the skin.
  • The basic condition for soothing is to make your skin moisturized for a long time with allantoin, actoin, and betaine ingredients that deliver moisture and moisture to dry skin.
  • Use thin fibers to provide comfortable soothing care with good adhesion and excellent moisture content.

1. Attach the pad to the area that needs immediate soothing and remove it for about 3 minutes.
2. Pat the remaining essence on the skin to absorb it.
3. It can be used as a toner pad that gently wipes the skin texture in the first step of basic care after washing according to the skin care routine.

Each person may have different effects.
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