[AROMATICA] Kakadu Youth Glow Vita C serum 15% Vitamin C + 0.5% Ferulic acid 15ml

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Vitamin is considered indispensable to stay healthy. For clear, bright skin, go for Vitamin C for your skin twice a day!

Did you know that there is a right formula that helps boost the absorption of vitamin C serum through skin?
Pure vitamin C is good for skin but is prone to oxidization due to light and heat, making it difficult to stabilize. Pure Vitamin C Serum containing Aromatica’s know-how is the proud result of painstaking research. You deserve to be picky when it comes to vitamin C serums be sure to go for it if it helps boost skin absorption!

- 15% of vitamin C from Britain with 99% purity
Vitamin C from DSM, the world’s leading UK-based vitamin C producer, is used to stabilize vitamin C of high purity. The appropriate concentration level of vitamin C that increases skin absorption is said to be about 15% to 20% but decreases if the vitamin C content is more than 20%. In this regard, Aromatica managed to achieve the proper concentration level to boost skin absorption.
- pH is what boosts the absorption of vitamin C into skin
Specifically, the pH concentration of pure vitamin C is set below 3.0 ~4.0 to promote absorption by letting it penetrate through the thick stratum corneum. Based on research results showing that the concentration level of vitamin C in skin when pH is 3.0 is 2.5 times higher than when pH is 4.0, Aromatica performed a thorough design process to help skin absorb vitamin C better.

- Synergy between ferulic acid and vitamin E
Ferulic acid, which enhances the stability of vitamin C, is combined with pure vitamin E. A combination of vitamin C, ferulic acid, and tocopherol helps strengthen skin barrier, keeping your skin healthy and protected from the outside environment.

Brighten your skin with kakadu plum, the king of vitamin C
Highly soluble pure vitamin C is added with 55.6% kakadu plum extracts, not purified water. Kakadu plum has 100 times more vitamin C than oranges. This kakadu plum is added with vitamin C to boost the inherent strength that your skin has, helping keep your skin clear and bright.

Skin changes for the better in only 30 days!
With the refreshingly green serum, it is time to experience brightened skin tone from inside out in only XX days! It provides healthy vitality and glow to skin, achieving noticeably increased firmness and glow as if having gotten professional skincare.

- For sensitive skin, take a small amount first to allow your skin to adjust. Then, increase the amount little by little, or mix 2 to 3 drops with serum or cream.
- It is considered normal to feel irritated or warm upon contact with skin. This is nothing but a subsequent reaction from the pH difference between your skin and the vitamin C, but you may feel irritated depending on your skin type; therefore, a patch test is recommended before use. To prevent a sense of irritation, adjust the number of applications.
- Vitamin C serum is applicable both in the morning and evening, but be sure to apply sunscreen after use when going out. Skin exposed to ultraviolet rays becomes damaged due to oxidation; therefore, the application of sunscreen after using vitamin C cosmetics helps vitamin C block UV rays that even sunscreen could not do.
- Vitamin C oxidation is accelerated by light, air, and heat. Cosmetics that have browned due to oxidation should not be used. Be sure to check the color of the content before use.
- Its use period after opening is quite limited (1 month); therefore, it is highly recommended to use as soon as possible after purchase. To minimize the oxidation properties of pure vitamin C ingredients, a light-resistant container is used; the most optimal amount is designed for use so as to keep the content fresh as much as possible before oxidation takes place. It is recommended for use immediately after purchase. After use, be sure to close the lid of the dropping pipette and keep it at room temperature (10°C to 25°C) away from high temperature and direct sunlight.
- It is not recommended for use together with those containing chemical exfoliants such as AHA, BHA, and retinol. Be sure to check if there is any possibly irritating ingredient in the first-step cosmetic products such as cleansers and toner.

[How to use]
Apply an appropriate amount of the serum using the dropper and pat gently to promote absorption into the skin.


Each person may have different effects.
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