[AROMATICA] Quinoa Protein Hair Ampoule 100ml

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A protein-enriched, Quinoa Hair ampoule spray [Leave-in type]
Vegan │ Cruelty free │ Silicone free │100% Recycled Bottle

  • Cream Mist. Do you spray cream mist only on the face? Fully nourishing Creamy hair ampoule made into a spray!
  • Surprising transformation of nourishing cream formula! Creamy texture hair ampule, it tightly adheres without clumping to damaged hair.
  • Spray and stack the protein layers! A spray type hair ampoule that spreads evenly without clumping, so nutrition closely adheres to hair that has become dull due to damage. It spreads lightly and gets absorbed quickly, so even if you spray it multiple times, it provides a good finish without getting greasy.
  • Light cream formula with rich nutrition. Superfood Quinoa, low-molecular poly peptides(LPP) with high absorbency due to its small-sized particles, and Ceramide derived from tonka bean are densely sprayed on porous hair, supplying rich nutrients to hair inside out and instantly making damaged hair smooth.
  • It contains vegetable oil such as Seabuckthorn oil, Pracaxi oil, Sweet Almond oil, Baobab oil, and Sunflower seed oil to give 5-layer wrapping to flaky cuticles. Spray it before using hairstyling devices such as hair dryer or hair setter to protect hair against heat damage and make it healthy.
  • It contains polysaccharides and panthenol extracted from tamarind, a moisturizing ingredient, preventing further damage from static electricity and helping make hair smooth and resilient.
  • Apply once on wet hair and once more on the tips after blow-drying to provide enhanced nutrition.

After shampooing, spray evenly throughout towel-dried hair. Apply before using direct heat. For a more intense treatment, spray on dry hair.

Each person may have different effects.
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