[AROMATICA] Reviving Rose Infusion Cream 50ml

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Lifting moisturizing cream · Core resilience · Intensive hydration
  • Formulated to build skin's resilience, the Rose Infusion Cream promotes skin elasiticy while providing sufficient moisture for a silky smooth skin. Infused with damask roseleaf and rose oil, the cream rejuvenates withered and wrinkled skin.
  • The Delicate Strength of Rose : Rose essential oil is extracted using the decoction technique that effectively extracts the fragrant aroma and effervescent essence of roses. The active ingredients of rose essential oil, of which only 1g is obtained by concentrating 200,000 petals of Damask rose, for a healthier and radiant skin.
  • The Vitality of Real Rose : The active ingredients of rose are infused in this product. It delivers the elegant and delicate aroma of Damask Rose.
  • Superberry Complex restores the skin's natural radiance : The Superberry Complex, consisting of raspberry, elder, rosehip, and Indian gooseberry, is filled with active ingredients such as vitamins, together with the vital energy of the rose, brings firmness to the skin.
  • Ampoule Care Cream as Soft as Whipped Cream : Shea butter and babassu oil are combined to form a moisturizing film, and the whipped-cream like texture makes application a treat - while smoothing and firming skin.

Take the desired amount of this product and apply to the centre of the face. Spread in an upward motion to really lift the skin.

*Night cream : When your skin feels rough and sagging, use twice the regular amount as a night cream. Full of moisture and hydrating properties, this cream will help your skin moisturized.

Each person may have different effects.
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Love this company

I have only recently been put onto this company, but so far I’m loving everything they have. This is one of the newest products that I have tried frome them and I love it. It’s great a mosturizing and I don’t find it too heavy or goopy like a lot of moisturizers. The packaging is beautiful and it smells great!