[AROMATICA] Reviving Rose Infusion Serum 100ml

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Skin vitality serum · Vibrant skin · Healthy skin barrier

  • Containing rosewater derived from infused damask roseleaf and rose oil, the serum provides intensive moisture while helping you promote a healthier skin to bring that glow back into the skin.
  • The Elegant Radiance of the Pink Rose Serum : The naturally powerful essence of rose water and rose essential oil, of which 200,000 Damask rose petals are needed for 1g of essential oil, makes complexion more vibrant. Also formulated with aloe vera and betaine, this serum fully hydrates skin.
  • The Vitality of Real Rose : The active ingredients of Damask rose are infused into this product.
  • Superberry Complex Restores the Skin's Natural Radiance : Rose's strong vitality and superberry ingredients, including elderberry, raspberry, Indian gooseberry and rosehip, add a healthy glow to your complexion.

Take the desired amount of this product and apply evenly to the skin. Apply the serum on dry spots and pat with your fingers until fully absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Item took about a week to arrive. Scent is citrusy. Long expiry date in March 2025.

Katie S.

I 100% LOVE THIS PRODUCT 😍. I switched to absolute 1st rose serum about a year ago and noticed a decrease in wrinkles within 3 weeks, softer skin …even tone …then the serum wasn’t available and I bought this one instead … I probably won’t switch back …


This serum smells so good and goes on my skin so smoothly, my skin is sensitive but it has not broken me out or caused any irritation. It’s a lovely serum and I love the packaging!