[AROMATICA] Serene Ritual Mist Lavender & Marjoram 100ml

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  • #Serene Ritual Mist : Lavender with herbaceous notes, like a warmth that wraps around a quiet night, helps you reach a deep state of meditation. Marjoram, filled with a green scent as if walking in a forest, gives warm peace and comfort, and nurtures inner strength. The herbaceous floral lavender provides relaxation and green marjoram helps to have a deep sense of comfort.
  • The AROMATICA Ritual Body Mist rich fragrance envelops tired skin and gives pure energy. As an aromatherapy mist for daily rituals, it is light and soft like the wind blowing without a sound, leading to a comfortable state of body and mind.
  • The antioxidant whole energy adds vitality to tired skin. You can experience an aromatherapy ritual that strengthens the inner side because essential oils, a raw complex containing the vitality of plants, give energy to the body and mind and help achieve balance.
  • Essential oils, which are fragrances obtained from raw materials, are aromatic oils with fragrance and vitality that play an important role in the life of plants. Since it is an approach and a method that can replace synthetic fragrances, Ritual Mist provides a break from daily life with the whole energy intact.
  • The antioxidant energy obtained from raw materials went through a rigorous selection process helps to make healthy and balanced skin. It is safe to use as it is free from synthetic fragrance, tar color, mineral oil, and 7 parabens.

Shake it so that the oil layer and the mist layer are sufficiently mixed before going out, after a shower, and in everyday life that requires energy, and spray on the body, arms, and legs.
After showering, apply it all over the body for light moisture.

Each person may have different effects.
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