[AROMATICA] Tea Tree Balancing Emulsion 100ml

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Fresh moisturizaion · Oil-moisture balance · Soothing
  • Our emulsion helps keep the healthy balance of oil and moisture for sensitive and oily skin. Tea tree ingredient helps soothe skin. Comfrey and burdock root extract fill dry skin with hydration to help get bright skin. With refreshing hydration, supply relief to your skin required to control excessive sebum and oil.
  • Tea Tree's Key Solution to Skin Problems : Australian tea tree refreshes skin and leaves behind a cool sensation. It soothes irritated skin and provides ample care for complex skin problems such as excess sebum and rough textured skin.
  • Firming Skin Care with Natural Energy, Directly Sourced from Earth : Burdock root and comfrey root, which embodies earth's exuberant energy, that soothe irritated skin and wash away dead skin cells and residual debris to keep the pores clean.
  • Emulsion for a Refreshing Hydration : The active ingredient extracted from tamarind fruits moisturizes skin while keeping the skin barrier hydrated and firm. The lightweight emulsion adds cooling effect to every crevices.

For extra hydration, apply desired amount to your face and neck and pat until fully absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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