[AROMATICA] Vitalizing Rosemary Concentrated Essence 100ml

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An Entirely New Level of Antioxidant Care
Meet our Rosemary Concentrated Essence which is filled with antioxidants.
It provides vitality and moisture starting at the skin base.

Focusing on Only a Single Ingredient
No unnecessary ingredients are added to ensure the deliverance of rosemary’s natural antioxidant properties.
It boasts minimal skin irritation while making the skin both firm and radiant.

AROMATICA’s own Low-temperature Aging Extraction Method™
Carefully handpicked rosemary leaves were brewed through the Low-temperature Aging Extraction Method™
for 72 hours with natural solvents of water and glycerin.
Therefore, the active ingredients of rosemary can be experienced to the fullest.

Take an appropriate amount and spread it evenly on the skin for absorption.

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