[AROMATICA] Vitalizing Rosemary Decoction Toner 300ml

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Daily moisturizing toner refreshes the exhausted skin and mind. The vital energy of rosemary freshens your tired body and mind while moisturizing your skin. Start your day energetically with the lively power of rosemary. Rosemary extract soothes irritated and sensitive skin, while enriched in organic Aloe Vera protects against moisture loss, powerful hydration. The natural rosemary oil and rosemary leaf infused through a decoction extraction method replace purified water and leave your skin-replenishing, efficiently delivering the nutrients to the skin. Gentle and hydrating toner is for all skins. Using a toner is the first step in skincare, it preps the skin. Our toner was tested safe with no irritations. It replenishes with hydration to build healthy skin.


After washing the face, soak a cotton pad with an appropriate amount of the product and lightly spread the toner over your face and neck. Gently tap the face to absorb the remaining toner into the skin. If necessary, apply two or three layers for absorption for a solid moisturizing base.

Each person may have different effects.
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