[ATOPALM] MLE Lotion 120ml

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  • MOISTURIZING & PROTECTING : This body lotion balances moisture, provides long-lasting moisture with 5 Amino Acids, and strengthens the skin barrier with Hyaluronic Acid, forming a moisturizing protective form.
  • GENTLE MOISTURIZING for 48 HOURS : Weakly Acidic formula with a low pH level similar to the healthy skin’s pH maintains the skin’s healthy condition without irritating it and helps rough skin to be silky and healthy.
  • ATOPALM’S PATENTED MLE FORMULA : “Omega-Ceramide-16” connects keratin to lipid layers and “Lipimoide” promotes lipid production inside sebum cells to strengthen skin’s moisture & protective function and helps to improve the skin barrier of dry and sensitive skin.
  • SAFE INGREDIENTS : Hypoallergenic all EWG Green grade ingredients, excluding 10 harmful ingredients, make this body lotion suitable for sensitive skin and can relieve eczema & rosacea skin without residue and does not make skin stuffy.
  • SOFT & REFRESHING : This body lotion has a creamy texture and is softly absorbed, leaving a refreshing feeling on the skin after application. Can be used by the whole family.

After showering or just washing the face, pump an adequate amount onto fingertips. Gently massage lotion onto the face. Continue with additional lotion and apply all over the body concentrating on extra-dry and sensitive areas. If additional moisture is needed in certain areas, apply MLE Cream.

Each person may have different effects.
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