[BARBER501] Shaving Booster 65ml (3 Types)

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Formation of an oil barrier that protects the skin.
Razor blades close to the skin to increase cutting power.
A transparent formulation that enhances shaving visibility.
Moist finish with slightly acidic ingredients. (pH 5.5 helps maintain skin oil and moisture balance.)
Tar color free, hypoallergenic test product.

RED CREAM : Use for pulling and drying skin
GREEN CREAM : Used when skin soothing and care is needed
YELLOW CREAM : Used when troubled beard marks

1. Before shaving, rinse with warm water to expand the pores.
2. Roll the cream over the shaving area and apply.
3. Shave along the beard and, conversely, slowly.
4. After shaving is complete, gently cleanse with lukewarm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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