[BE THE SKIN] BHA+ Pore Zero Cleansing Foam 150g

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  • Powerful cleansing capacity for pore care and exfoliation
  • 4 Zero : Tight feeling Zero, Blackhead Zero, Pore Zero, Waste Zero
  • A daily cleanser for All skin types. Effective for controlling sebum production and soothing acne.
  • Leaves your skin filled with moisture and supple after cleansing.
  • Key Ingredients : Willow-BHA, Green Fruits, Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract & Prunus Davidiana Extract

1. Squeeze an appropriate amount onto wet hands. Create bubbles and gently massage over the face for about 30 seconds.
2. Wash away with lukewarm water to fully cleanse.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Mimi L.

I love this cleanser, it is gentle, with a very small amount it produces a lot of foam, leaving the skin very clean and without makeup residue. I smell a slight aroma but it is pleasant.

>>For daily use, morning and night.
I use it as the second step of my facial cleansing routine.


I am very satisfied with this product! it cleans my skin perfectly without attacking it, makes my skin very soft, I love it 🩷

Louise H.
Nice foaming cleanser, masculine fragrance, deeply cleans skin

I won this product in a giveaway and so thank you to @ballagrio and @betheskin for giving me the opportunity to try out this foaming cleanser 💚

⭐️ Product description

This is a cleansing foam that cleans dead skin cells every day without irritation and removes makeup residues and blackheads accumulated in pores with rich foam.

The patented green fruit (shine muscat, green papaya, green apple, and green plum) ingredients protect the skin barrier by forming a natural protective film to keep it moist and comfortable even after washing your face.

⭐️ Key Ingredients:

✨ Glycerin
✨ Lauric Acid
✨ Shea butter
✨ Willow Bark / Salicylic Acid
✨ Fruit Extracts

⭐️ How to Use:

Wet face, lather a coin-sized amount in the palm of your hands until rich and creamy. Massage foam over face and then rinse.

⭐️ Benefits:

✨ Removes dirt and impurities
✨ Gently exfoliates
✨ Unclogs pores
✨ Improves skin texture and tone
✨ Reduces excess sebum

💭 My thoughts:

This foaming cleanser has a thick, creamy consistency and a little goes a long way.

The first thing I noticed was the cleanser has a strong fragrance, which smells quite masculine. It reminds me of mens shaving gel. I initially didn’t like the scent but, after using it over a few days, I got used to it and actually started to quite like it!

It foams up nicely when water is added and, as it is advertised as a cleanser good for deep cleaning pores, I concentrate the foam on the areas where my pores are more noticeable, on my nose, forehead and chin.

Whilst washing my face, this cleanser makes my skin squeaky clean…..literally I can feel the squeaky feeling across my face when I am rinsing the cleanser off.

Although my skin feels squeaky clean afterwards, my skin feels comfortable and not stripped. I have used it everyday for a week, sometimes twice a day, and it hasn’t dried my face out like this type of foaming cleanser has done previously.

Half an hour after cleansing, my skin feels normal, has no tightness, no dryness and actually feels quite balanced.

This can also be used as a body cleanser too, to deal with body acne / breakouts.

just started using about a month ago

Immediately noticed a difference & enjoy using it. Long term im not sure yet but Keeps my face overall pretty clear. Would recommend.

one of my favorite cleansers

The scent is a bit weird, but still mild and pleasant. It doesnt sting and foams really well. It leaves my face feeling clean all while not drying it out-- it also helps curb my monthly breakout. I always come back to this cleanser and have been using it for 7 months, you should try it if you're looking for something gentle and effective :)