[BELLAMONSTER] Blemish Care Solution Ampoule 30ml (Calamansi Ampoule)

$14.50 $17.00

Brighten up dark and dull skin! 97%

Cover-up blemish, Calamansi
High-enriched vitamins, calamansi amouple
[whitening, anti-wrinkle functional cosmetics]

It contains calamansi extract full of whitening functional ingredients and vitamin C, giving you clear, transparent skin tone and radiant skin.

Calamansi Fruit Extract
- Dull and darkish blemish care
- Soothing the skin irritated by harmful environment
- Achieving clear and clean skin by eliminating waste

- Whitening for transparently shine skin
- Prevent melanin pigmentation

After cleansing, take a pad and gently wipe across your face followed by patting the remaining product into the skin.