[Bellamonster] Derma Solution Mild Sun Cream 40ml SPF50+ PA++++

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UV A and B protection against an strong wall

With triple UV protection (SPF50+PA++++), it blocks the highest UVA (PA) blocking power in Korea and UVB (SPF) for at least 500 minutes.

What is UV A?
- The length of the conductor is long and penetrates deep into the subcutaneous fat.
- Penetrates through windows and through clouds and rain
- Causes pigmentation changes such as dry skin, aging, freckles, and freckles

What is UV B?
- Short wavelength and strong ultraviolet rays, penetrating the skin surface and causing burns
- Does not pass through glass windows and reduces a lot of clouds and rain
- Be careful when exposed to UV rays for a long time, such as swimming in the sea or hiking.

It contains cypress tree that mildly cares for irritated and sensitive skin and 6 types of soothing ingredients that create fantastic synergy to care for irritated skin barrier.

It is formulated with 5-layer ceramide, panthenol, and beta-glucan that cares for skin exposed to UV rays to provide moisture to the skin and provide moisture to the skin.

Contains pseudovitamin D ingredients obtained from chicory root to activate vitamin D, which is inhibited by sunscreen synthesis.

It has a moist and non-sticky finish right after application, so it is good to use before makeup.

[How to Use]
At the last step of skin care, take an appropriate amount and spread evenly over the areas exposed to UV rays.

Each person may have different effects.
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