[BELLAMONSTER] Sensitive Care Solution Cleansing Oil 120ml (SeaWeed Cleansing Oil)

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It contains light extract of pure sea Wando to remove wastes lightly and gently.
Healthy cleansing oil that moisturizes with vegetable oil.

01 Clean Sea Wando
Raised in the clear and clean Wando, located in the South Sea, hijiki is harvested in season and filled with sea nourishment.

02 Moisturizing full cleansing
Optimized for sensitive skin with a blend of vegetable oils, this cleansing oil is an oil that can be moisturized even after rubbing for a long time.
Please experience the moisturizing after washing your face.

03 Date opened
It's printed on the side of the product so you can write the opening date. As all cosmetics and ingredients that come in direct contact with your skin are important, please check the date and expiration date carefully.

After washing the face except the corners of the eyes, wipe the entire face thoroughly and gently in the direction of the face's face, and pat gently to absorb it.

1. Makeup doesn't take and gests in a lump Retouch makeup slightly by wiping with Bellamonster pad.
2. Simultaneous care of dead skin cell and moisturizing even to your body including back, heel, etc on dead skin cells form easily.
3. When refrigerated, maximized the cooling sensation of xylitol and reduce the skin temperature.