[BELLAMONSTER] Stress Out Solution Acne Control Body Wash 500ml

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Stress-out weakly acidic Acne body wash that makes amazing changes to acne-prone skin with continuous use

For sensitive acne-prone skin, use a mildly irritating, mildly acidic wash.

A mildly acidic formula that cleanses the skin of the heated body without irritation, and it is a safe wash for sensitive acne-prone skin.
A triple prescription of salicylic acid, a functional key ingredient for acne prone skin, and AHA, a custom ingredient for smooth turnover of body skin with a slow turnover cycle, in an optimal ratio, deceives acne-prone body skin caused by dead skin cells and sebum from within the pores. It takes care to keep it cool.

Apply a generous amount of foam to the area where acne-prone skin is a concern, roll it for about 30 seconds and then wash it off. Inflamed skin is soothed.

Each person may have different effects.
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