[BELLAMONSTER] Stress Out Solution Acne Foam 150ml

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Refreshing acne-prone skin!
Acne skin clean and meticulous care.
Stress-out weakly acidic acne foam that gives amazing changes to acne-prone skin with continuous use.

Weakly acidic Acne Foam is used for acne-prone skin and excessive sebum secretion. It is suitable for use on sensitive skin.
Micro-bubbles for deep cleansing thoroughly remove dead skin cells and residual wastes in pores.
By prescribing salicylic acid, which helps to take care of sebum and dead skin cells, which are the main causes of acne, meticulous care for the cause of trouble from the basics.

Put the cleanser on your hand, moisten it with water, and rub it 3 times to create a foamy bubble. Make sure to lather it and place it on your face. You can clean really gently.

Each person may have different effects.
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