[beplain] BHA Peeling Ampoule 30ml

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- Feel the difference between the days you put on and the days you don't

- We recommend the BHA Peeling Ampoule for your ever-increasing sebum, dead skin cells, and whitehead concerns.

- A drop of the ampoule applied before going to bed softens and softens the dense stratum corneum in the skin.

- The old dead skin cells that have softened overnight are naturally removed just by washing your face the next morning.

- It contains 80% green tea water that helps to soothe the skin, and it has been tested for skin irritation, so it is good for sensitive skin as well.

[How to use]
- 3 times a week. Apply plenty amount before going to sleep
- For night skin care, prepare the skin texture with toner, then take an appropriate amount and apply evenly on the skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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