[beplain] Greenful Balancing Toner 200ml

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Beplain Greenful Balancing Toner is a gentle exfoliating liquid formulated with 42.6% Mung bean seed extract and PHA that naturally balanced and resurfaces skin to revitalize the look for overall clearer-looking complexion.

Clarify - Mild exfoliant suitable for all skin types improves skin texture, leaving the skin feeling clean and calm.

Balance - Perfectly pH-balanced with humectant properties, provides a refreshing splash of hydration for optimal comfort.

Boost - Soothes and strengthens the skin, boosting the effectiveness of the following skincare regimen.

After cleansing, dispense toner onto a cotton pad or your hands and gently sweep over your face and neck.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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As you are aware, some toners can leave your skin feeling a bit dried out. Those tend to be best for those with oily skin. Others have ingredients that clarify the skin, but also start to moisturize your skin. This particular toner strikes me as the happy medium between the two.

It's very clean and basic. It clarifies and balances the skin without any sort of drying. I don't find that it moisturizes either. It falls right in the very middle and prepares your skin for the rest of your skincare regimen.

Should be safe for those with sensitive skin as it seems very gentle and there's really no scent to speak of. Probably best for those with normal skin, but also good for both oily and dry skin.


This is a clear, odorless liquid that is well packaged and even has an expiration date! It’s also cruelty free which is a must for me.

I like using this in the morning after washing my face or during the day when I’m not wearing makeup and feel like I need to clean my skin during the day, especially during the warmer months. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.


I absolutely love this product. it does seem to improve skin balance. Not drying, yet it does not seem greasy and does not make my sensitive skin break out. It helps exfoliate and seems to clean as well since I can see some dirt/oil on the cotton ball even though I use it after cleansing. Very happy with my purchase, I will be looking to see what other skincare products Beplain has.