[Biodance] Hydro Cera-nol Real Deep Mask 4EA

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  • A product that contains the recipe of Cera-nol, which has perfect moisturizing and quick soothing effects. A mask pack with BIODANCE's hydrogel technology for deep moisturizing and soothing.
  • The triple soothing recipe of Cera-nol is firmly established for sensitive skin, allowing the active ingredients to be fully absorbed into the skin.
  • When the skin is dehydrated and weakened, the evaporation of surface moisture increases rapidly as the skin temperature rises. Shows a decrease in skin temperature of -5.16 degrees immediately after use and stabilizes the irregular skin temperature with the triple soothing recipe of Cera-nol, which immediately builds up collapsed barriers.
  • The opaque sheet gradually becomes thinner and more transparent, delivering the effective ingredients deep into the skin.

After cleansing, tidy up the skin texture with a toner, then take out the mask and apply it closely to fit the shape of the face.
Remove the mask when it becomes transparent.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Wen L.J.
Glowing skin in the morning!

I love this mask. I use it once a week and always wake up the next morning with insanely glowing skin. I do wear it over night but you don’t have to. Skin feels plump, it’s moisturizing. There is a planer very light sencent, nothing overpowering.

Ivan T.

Ich benutze diese Maske über Nacht. Es war super einfach und die ganze Nacht über angenehm. Am nächsten Morgen war meine Haut so mit Feuchtigkeit versorgt und sah aus wie Glashaut. Ich mag den Geruch und die Qualität

Eve K.

Ok, this is one of the best masks I used!! I was skeptical about keeping it overnight, but it’s just stays on. It’s very moisturizing, but not greasy or oily. Fragrance free. Face feels amazing - so bright, and kinda snatched! I was skeptical, but this product is great. Can’t wait to use in during travel - it’s gonna be perfect for the long flights. So so good! Try it!


Using this as the last step of my night skin care. Wale up with plump, glad skin without any pores. Highly recommend!


This mask was amazing and really made my skin look great