[BLITHE] Patting Splash Mask Rejuvenating Purple Berry 150ml

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for Elasticity & Firming

Patting Splash Mask : This product offers 3 variations of facial masks. Inspired by the Korean traditional facial wash method with rice water to make your face brightened and moisturized.

Hypoallergenic Exfoliation : AHA included in lactic acid will exfoliate the dead cell effectively while balancing the pH level on your skin.

Organic Ingredients : Rejuvenates and improves skin elasticity with a variety of berry extracts 1. Bilberry: Contains Anthocyanin to prevent inflammation 2. Blueberry: Antioxidant effect 3. Acai Berry: Absorbs harmful oxygen and prevents skin aging 4. Strawberry: Contains vitamin C to suppress melanin formation 5. Raspberry: Effective for improving skin complex by helping blood circulation, and for removing blemishes and dark spots

Environmental Sustainability : This product includes Paraben, Sulfates, Formaldehyde, Mineral Oil, Urea, BHT, TEA, or Phthalates.

Our Recommendation : Fatigued skin.

A no-touch scrub that eliminates unnecessary dead skin cells and various skin wastes without stimulating the skin.
Contains the extracts of 5 berries that have rich polyphenol and anthocyanin which make skin supple and smooth.
Helps prevent freckles and blemishes and vitalize the skin with elasticity and anti-aging energy.

Take a cap-full of the mask(7ml), mix the mask and water in a 1:100 ratio(approx. 700ml) in the sink/basin, wash the face lightly for 15 seconds, and dry the skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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Resa ottima veloce e facile da usare

Love this product!

The smell is amazing and it really does make your skin feel softer and more plump! This is less wasteful than sheet masks, which is what made me want to try it in the first place. I’m addicted now