[BOTANITY] Agingment Firming Cream 50ml

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  • Double elasticity effect of synergy between plant based anti-aging ingredients - Powerful wrinkle improvement effect: Bakuchiol+Soluble Collagen (Vegan collagen) - Skin elasticity effect: Acmella oleracea extract, a plant-based botox ingredient.
  • Strong moisture effect of plant based elastic ingredients - Strengthen the volume of skin moisture → Intensive care for elasticity and moisture - Avocado peptide (EFFIPULP) + 5 hyaluronic acid (Promote hyaluronic acid synthesis in the skin).
  • Dense and moisture texture - VP Firming System : emulsification technology (Moisturizing effect and effective ingredients absorption effect) - Rich moisture layer fills the skin surface densely to create clean skin.

Apply evenly from inside to outside of the face during the cream step.

Each person may have different effects.
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