[BOTANITY] Flavon Booster 210ml

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1. Soothing the skin (reducing skin redness) : Uniflavon™ : Your sensitive skin affected by the external environment is soothed and cared fast by the patented component Uniflavon™ to help you have even skin tone.

2. Hypoallergenic management for dead skin cell & skin pores : PHA : Daily care for exfoliation and skin pore is available with PHA, a water-soluble exfoliating ingredient. Helps maintain healthy skin texture by removing dead skin cells that cause skin trouble

3. Increasing skin moisture : Seven hyaluronic acid compounds : Containing 7 hyaluronic acid compounds that help moisturize your skin to prevent dry skin and make your skin moist and smooth.

After washing the face in every morning and evening, gently apply the appropriate amount along the skin texture and tap to absorb it. (* You can use it on a cotton pad according to your preference)

Each person may have different effects.
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