[BY ECOM] Pure Calming Soothing Gel Cream 200ml

[BY ECOM] Pure Calming Soothing Gel Cream 200ml

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01) Instantly hydrating and soothing effect Polymer network which has stabilized an active ingredients offers hydration and nutrition ingredients, its mild sensation presents rapid soothing effect without leaving stickiness.
02) 85% centella asiatica is suitable for sensitive skin Contains centella asiatica which has an excellent ability to soothe that is replaced for purified water is suitable for sensitive skin without worry.
03) Instant real cooling sensation You can instantly feel refreshing cooling sensation when it turns to toner texture from a clear transparent gel type texture.
04) pH balance care adjusts skin balance Mild low-acid formula which has been studied and developed to help pH balance of your broken skin and returns to healthy condition.

[How to use]

1) Adjust the skin texture with toner and ampoule. (For facial use)
2) Apply a moderate amount of soothing gel Cream to face or body.
3) Gently dap with hand for further absorption.