[By Wishtrend] Quad Active Boosting Essence 100ml

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This essence is recommended as a serum booster that contains 'Quad Active' Ingredients: 3 Complex Ingredients (Morus Alba Bark Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract, Schisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract), Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water, and Propolis. These ingredients are widely known to help with anti-inflammatory, anti-pollution, and anti-bacterial effects to maintain your skin to stay healthy and lively. Also, with supporting ingredients Black Tea and Honey, it provides moisturizing effects to the skin.


  • pH 5.2±1.0

  • Ethanol-free

  • Silicon oil-free

  • Artificial-

  • Artificial-

  • Vegan-Friendly

  • Cruelty-Free

Apply 3-4 drops on your palm and gently pat over the face. Pat lightly until it fully absorbs.
*Recommend using this product in between toner and serum step.



3-Complex ingredient

Morus Alba Bart Extract
: Helps calm stressed skin

Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract
: Prevents acne breakouts

Schisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract
: Anti-inflammatory effects

Salix alba bark extract

A gentle chemical exfoliant that helps to fight acne

Centaurea cyanus flower water

Helps to add radiance to skin completion while relieving skin irritation

Propolis extract

An anti-inflammatory agent to protect the skin against bacteria and soothes the problematic skin

Each person may have different effects.
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