[celimax] Heartleaf BHA Peeling Pad (60ea)

[celimax] Heartleaf BHA Peeling Pad (60ea)

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-These multi-tasking pads soaked in hyaluronic acid toner remove and buff away skin impurities such as grime and dead skin cells.
-Gently formulated and with skin-trenching ingredients make it suitable for everyday use.
-BHA helps exfoliate dead skin cells and sebum without causing stimulation.
-With naturally-derived Houttuynia Cordata Extract to soothe and manage skin texture.
-Mild, skin-loving Hyaluronic Acid infiltrates deep into the skin for long-lasting hydration.

1. Gently wipe all over the face along skin texture with the embossed side.
2. Then use the gauze side of the pad to wipe over nose area and chin when sebum secretion is active.

-Each person may have different effects.
-All purchased items from our listings will be shipped from South Korea.