[Cell Fusion C] Skin Blemish Balm Intensive 40ml

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Existing Cell Fusion C Skin Blemish Balm has been run at domestic and global professional channels since 2001.
Skin Blemish Balm Intensive is Upgraded version of that first generation BB Cream!
  • 20 kinds of detrimental ingredients exclusion
  • Damaged skin care / Skin barrier care / Blemish care
  • Sensitiveness & Redness coverage test completed

Ingredients & Efficacy:
A. Chamomile Flower Extract, Calms and comforts sensitive skin.
B. Peptide Complex, Provide repair solution to damaged skin with 6 types of peptide
C. Vitamin E, Moisturizes and gives elasticity to the skin to make healthy skin

01. Apply a moderate amount at the last step of skincare routine.
02. Apply by slightly patting into skin, not rubbing, to express natural skin tone.
03. If you want a dewy makeup, mix a drop of face oil with BB cream.
04. If you want to increase coverage, mix it with foundation.

Each person may have different effects.
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