[Centellian24] Madeca Derma Shield Safe Sun Stick (1+1) SPF 50+ PA++++ 20g*2EA

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[DESCRIPTION] Centellian 24
  • Protects your skin 24 hours in front of the hot sun anytime, anywhere! Madeca Derma Shield Safe Sun Stick
  • Why you need Madeca Derma Shield Safe Sun Stick : Those who want to use one sun stick from children to adults, Those who want to cool down in the hot summer and block UV rays, Those who are concerned about skin irritation due to sensitive skin, Those who want 24-hour sun protection
  • Wherever, Whenever! Powerful UV protection that is maintained even during active activities : 24-hour sunscreen retention + activity proof. 24-hour sunscreen that is thin but does not require reapplying so that you can safely enjoy your daily life without worrying about UV rays.
  • #Cooling soothing sun stick : Refreshing moisture cooling texture that melts on the skin. It melts coolly and moistly, giving a refreshing finish without worrying about stickiness even after reapplying several times.

Open the protective cap and turn the dial at the bottom of the container to raise the contents by about 5mm before use. While carrying, apply evenly to the face or body that needs sun protection.

Each person may have different effects.
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